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Wowo’s Club Events


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10 December 2011 – Wowo’s Gala Dinner

Other dates and venues will be published soon…watch the space! So, please join us! Let me know if you want more information!

Past Events:

9 Jan 2011 - Moses Mobida Stadium - Farewell to Makhaya Ntini - Our General Secretary Jabu Mtsweni gave away two tickets for this match!

13-16 Jan 2011 - Kwalata Game Ranch - Last Break before the work starts!

23 Jan 2011 - MTN ODI Series - SA Vs. India, Supersport Park, Centurion, RSA

14 Feb 2011 - Wowo's Valentine's Day - Those who believe in love :-) . Venue to be confirmed!

26+27 April 2011 - Kopano Nakana (Johannes' Son) celebrates his birthday on 26 April + Freedom Day --> Johannes Nakana (Group President) to throw a party for members :-) on 27 April 2011.

In celebrating our 10 years as a club, you can now order the following:


Wowo’s Club T-shirt = R 110.00

Wowo’s Club Cap = R 120.00

Wowo’s Club Bag = R 155.00

Wowo’s Club Pens = R 30.00



Report Back

Hi Wonga

I've started my venture of collecting reading and colouring books including crayons for Sibuyiseni primary school, e Kwa Magxaki, PE. The school has +/-600 pupils but I'm looking at assisting Grade R pupils (7 year olds).

As mentioned I'm passionate about education and kids reading especially black kids reading because as you know most black kids don't read, so I'm hoping this venture will teach them about the value of reading and also be able to show their creativity. How do I know this? My world would be meaningless without reading. From reading I get a sense of escapement and I'm able to see the world differently.

Do you think members of the Wowo Club would be interested in assisting me? I'm not asking for money but assitance in kind. I've pulled-in a group of my friends and they will all be helping out. My goal is to eventually start a library at the school but I do realise that I need to start at the bottom and work my way up. I'm also dipping in my pocket for this project.

Many thanks
Babalwa Mabope
011 784 2598


My Dear Friends,


I will start first by apologising for not getting back to you last week

pertaining to the meeting that took place in Pretoria. I have been

unfortunately very busy with my day-to-day job and have spend a lot of

time outside of Jo'burg. I must also apologise to Given as we seem to have

missed each other on the day.


The meeting was very fruitful and discussed all the points that were on

the agenda and the plan to move forward. As I do not have the luxury of

time now and I am also aware that some of the members of the group will be

going away to celebrate their well earned break I request that I give a

full report next week, to be reviewed in January.


For all those that will be travelling please be safe, to the rest of us

that are staying put enjoy your holidays.





Happy holidays,


Ngoato Thamae.


General Secretary

Contact Ngoato if you want to attend the next meeting.