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An organization web site is a great way to publicize a charter, keep members informed, and attract a broader audience. We'll use this site to get the word out on our organization and create a better sense of community among our members. We'll also include pictures of our work and members. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Our Mission

Wowo’s Club was founded on 24 May 1999 as a not-for-profit think-tank set up to foster contribution by all to promote culture of open dialogue. Today it has membership of over 68 dynamic loyal members mainly in the Republic of South Africa. The club is now available on Facebook, breaking the geographical constraints! There are many benefits in joining the club. Here are some:


1.       Networking/Collaboration – the club consists of academics, bankers, brokers, business people, engineers, IT specialists, lawyers, librarians, etc. who work together, integrating, and sharing. Thus, members possess complementary skills.

2.      Job Opportunities – Because of networking, you could easily find yourself working for that company you have always wanted to work for or you could start your own business! Few years back our Honourable Member Johannes Nakana employed one of our members Phemelo Modise to join South Deep Mines. Your CV will be tailor made to suit the job that you are looking for.

3.      Business Opportunities – Many members in Wowo’s Club are business oriented. Few years back our Royal Member Mpumelelo Dywili started his business which has become a success to celebrate! We can help you find easy finance for your business.

4.       Investment Opportunities – Wowo’s Club Members never miss out on investment opportunities. They know and invest in the latest opportunities.

5.      Current News – Wowo’s Club Members are the first people to hear breaking news and hence they keep each other well-informed!

6.      Community – Above all, Wowo’s Club is about playing an important role in the community. We believe in sharing our resources with the communities. We have a common culture and mutual trust!


The club members believe in sharing, teaching, mentoring, belonging, making a difference, building the nation, and living a good honourable lifeLooking forward to hearing from you!


Yours truly,

W. Ntshinga

Chairman, Editor and Founder (CEF) on behalf of the Senate and Shareholders,

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