Wowo's Club

In memory of Malusi Jamela

I still can’t read that piece without a tear in my eyes; God knows I loved him (Malusi Jamela). I am however humbled at your mention of this piece which poured out my heart. You must keep well Wotla. And I think we need to make time to visit Malusi’s parents.

Pastor Sivuyile Hlam


Club is Phenomenal

Your club is phenomenal and it is really motivating.  You guys are making a difference in our society and I would love to be part of that, you are living your divine purpose I applaud for you.  Just imagine if our generation would subscribe to your club the world we are living in would become a better. Babalwa Dube

Ups and Downs

We have had: the ups and downs and some of us left.

We have had the ups and downs yet some of us held strongly looking for an amicable solution.

 We have had: differences of opinion and some of us interpreted it as becoming enemies.

We have had differences of opinion yet some of us interpreted it as nature bound and sort common understanding.

 We have leaned a great deal from common debates

Yet once more, not all of us had a full view of that window of opportunity to grow.

 Guys enjoy the holidays.

 (Special seasons greetings to the chairman and his family, commitment is your daily bread).

Ramaisa Joseph Khoanyane

Club has become a family...

And so it has been; the club has become a family that shares everything, sorrows, happy moments, achievements, deaths and all and every kind of celebrations. May we take this time to reflect in the past and gain the necessary strength to look to the future with bright minds. Here is to wishing the club another long and fulfilling 6 years and more.

Victoria Molapo (Former Group President), nominated Most Improved Member 2005.


Happy belated Birthday to Wowos! You made it possible mnr for that; Hats off! You've been a pillar of strength for this club. People came and left but you still hung in there to make it possible. Wishing Wowos many more successful years!

Johannes Nakana (Honourable Member)