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Quote of the year 2003:

A person's body is the house of the Lord God. God will not test you with the test you can't handle. Eventually everything will be okay. How can your FRIEND get to the point of asking to sleep with your wife in order to help you? Is this a friend? Johannes Nakana

"WOW.... Dont be a number be a member." Created by Executive Member Bathabile Mthethwa

Purpose of the Find That Special One:

To help those who are looking for thy special one! The one you wish to have for the rest of your life. If you are looking, please forward me all the characteristics you wish thy special one must have! Names are not released for all to see, but only to the ones who qualify! If you also wish to add some members in our Find that Special One, just ask them to e-mail me!

Latest Candidates

Miss 17 (new):  Lady would like to meet a respectful single male between the ages of 36 – 46 years of age. Must be tall and dark, the way I have my coffee. No pale skin, please. Be fun to be with, appreciate the finer things in life, of good hygiene, neat and be an intellectual, ambitious and affectionate. Who Loves being loved, is open minded, enjoys travelling, appreciate romantic home made dinners, good conversation, good music (according to the mood of the moment), being sensual and must LOVE KISSING anywhere and at any given time. He can have children or not have. It does not matter. He must be himself, most importantly. No fakes please.

Miss 16: Looking for a black guy with strong personality, humanity, wonderful to be with, exciting, outgoing and open-minded. He must be between 39-45 years old! Looking forward in meeting this person!


Guy 7:  36 yr old divorcee is looking for a matured woman, ages between 30 and 42. She has to be caring with good morals. Someone very clean and neat (a lady that knows how to behave). Intelligent, business minded and ambitious. Beauty is not the issue. He always looks at the personality and character, someone who’ll challenge and inspire me mentally, someone he can have a conversation about issues, it could be politics, sports, etc.  Some who will be my soul mate, my friend, my confidante, he says. The gentleman residents in Durban.


Miss 15: She is looking for a man between the ages 33 to 40. Only SA citizens! Must be earning an honest leaving, matured, non-smoker, religious, max 1 kid, not afraid of challenges, and romantic.


Miss 14: She is 42. Looking for a person with moral respect, dignity and he must be stable. She has her own house car and she has a stable life style.


Miss 13: I think I can do with a nice man on my side at the moment I think  took my time to heal and refresh so I feel that I'm ready to be in the dating game
again. He must be friendly, loving warm and outgoing, someone who doesn't have lot of baggage’s, at least one child and the mother must be married and staying with her child or the mother is no more, the one who has none it will be a cherry on top. Owning a property, driving a reasonable car, working, and earning a very reasonable salary. A thinker! Someone who has goals in life. Do you think you know someone like this??????????????? If you do please hook me up.


Miss 12: I’ll be brutally honest. I’m looking for someone that is within 30km from Little Falls (Jhb North & South- not Soweto) A black, South African man in the 29 – 36 age group, must be available. Very attentive, loving, preferably no kids, though 1 or 2 isn’t too bad. Must be relatively successful (though preferably loaded), live alone, drive a better car than mine. MUST have a very good sense of humor, open minded & very comfortable with himself. I’m looking for a serious relationship that has potential of leading to marriage & he must definitely be good in the sack.

Can I add more stuff later?


Miss 11: I'm looking for a guy friend, I had it with women. looks don't matter because it is pure friendship nothing more. he must be between the ages of 29-35 years. he must have a lot of sense of humour in a way angihlekise, he must be at least having a career bcos I like challenging minds, he must be outgoing and flexible. a gay will be highly welcome.

Need more applicants?

You are welcome to give me a call if you want to discuss applicants over the line! Please note that though, names are not released! And I am afraid I am strict on that! Don’t try me!